Frequently Asked Questions

The Church Base Suite

What is Church Base?

Church Base is an integrated church management platform like nothing you’ve ever seen. The Church Base Suite comes with a church app, website, giving system, community management system and much more, all integrated together. No more 3rd party nonsense. Everything Is accessible through a single dashboard.

Is an all-in-one system better?

The best way to answer this is to compare the difference between Apple products and Microsoft. Apple's products are all built together, and internally, not outsourced like Microsoft. The level of quality speaks for itself. All-in-one is quickly becoming the industry standard, but no one can beat Church Base and our incredible suite of products that all work seamlessly together from a single dashboard.

How does Church Base save me time?

We're so glad you asked! Church Base is a completely integrated ecosystem allowing you to publish content once and automatically sync it across your app, website, sermon player and social accounts like YouTube, Vimeo and iTunes podcasting!

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer a 24 hour response for any issues you have. You can also request support directly from your dashboard and we'll get back to you within one business day, so you're not stuck in the mud. And best of all, you never pay anything extra for premium support.

Do I have to use the whole suite?

Nope! You can use any amount of our products as you’d like! We’ll be here to help you be successful with whatever parts of the system you need.

What platforms do you offer?

Church Base offers a Branded Church App, Custom Website, Digital Giving Suite, Community Management System (ChMS), a Cloud Publisher and Dedicated Sermon engine!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, if you are unhappy for any reason you may cancel for a full refund within 30 days of signing up.

Branded Church App

Will my app be branded on iTunes?

Yes! Branded apps is all we do, no container apps here! Your app will be branded on iTunes, Android and Amazon!

How long does it take to go live?

Usually it takes around 30 days to get an app live. But because most clients go through a round or two of edits and additional requests it can take up to 45 days. But the actual publication process only takes 7-10 business days.

Do you offer live streaming?

Yes! We’ve partnered with BoxCast to offer live streaming services inside your app and website! Learn more here.

What integrations do you offer?

Your church app is integrated directly into your giving suite, when a donor registers on one, they’re registered across your Church Base platforms. Furthermore, your app is integrated with your website and sermon player, so you only need to publish once! Time to say goodbye to 3rd party nonsense!

I heard Apple is not publishing apps?

They are, but only custom branded apps, they won’t publish hybrid apps that aren’t on their own account (what most church app companies use.)

What’s the difference between a Branded App and a Container App?

A branded app is an app that’s branded as your church on iTunes and Android, not as a 3rd party company. Users search for your churches name. A container app is essentially a 3rd party companies app you download (like Subsplash) and your users have to search for your church inside the container app. It’s essentially a browser.

Do you offer a container app?

Nope, and we never will! Container apps are just a substitute for a website. If you can't get your app branded on the app stores, it’s a waste of money!

What’s the process look like?

Church Base does things a little different. Our dashboard is incredibly simple to use and we've created a platform to start with that make you design like an expert. You’ll start by getting acquainted with our system through our onboarding process. At any point you’re able to demo your app live in a simulator on your dashboard! And from there you can request any help that you need to move forward!

Can I edit the app myself?

Yes, from day one you have full reign over changing your apps content, photos and sections. But you can always request help from our team 24/7 through your dashboard.

How many edits do I get?

Unlimited! We’re going to work with you to make your app perfect for your church. Our team is available 9-5pm CST to help you make your vision happen!

Will my app integrate with Church Base Giving?

Yes! Your app is integrated directly into your giving suite; when a donor registers on one, they’re registered on the other automatically.

Will my app integrate with Church Base Website?

Yes! Your app uses the same CMS backend as your website (The Church Base Cloud) which enables you to publish content once and see it on both the app and website!

The Digital Giving Suite

How much is the giving module?

The giving suite is completely free to use, no monthly fees, no setup fees, no risk at all!

What are the transaction fees?

The transaction fees start at 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card transaction and 1% + .30¢ per successful ACH transaction.

Can I lower my transaction fees?

Yes, we offer volume based pricing as your processing increases.

Is Church Base Giving secure?

100%! We use only the most strict security standards and our servers are PCI compliant. Stripe, the backend processor, is also a level 2 PCI compliant processor.

How fast are donations deposited?

Your donations are grouped together each day and deposited on a 2 day rolling basis.

Do you offer fund management?

Yes, you can create as many funds as you’d like and filter gifts based on any fund.

Does Church Base offer Event Registration?

Yes! We offer full event creation and dedicated event registration pages for any size of event!

Does Church Base offer Giving Campaigns?

We do! Creating a dedicated campaign is easy and takes only 30 seconds! Track your campaigns progress and even collect pledges for future gifts!

Do you offer batch entry?

We do! You can record cash and check gifts directly from your backend. Plus run credit card payments through your dashboard too.

How much is text giving?

Church Base offers text to give completely free! No extra fees, no extra costs. It’s just that simple.

Can I export a ledger?

Yes, we offer some pretty nifty accounting tools including filtering and exporting your transaction ledger to an excel sheet importable anywhere.

What ways can people give?

Church Base makes donations so easy. Donors can choose between giving inside your branded app, on your website, through your giving kiosk or through your text giving number.

Is Church Base Giving better than other platforms?

We certainly think so! We offer far more than other companies and don’t charge you for something that helps you grow your church!

Church Base Website

Can I build my own website?

You can! Our builder is so easy to use your grandma could do it! The builder features a quick drag and drop interface making your life so much simpler.

Can I edit my own website?

Yes, if you choose to have Church Base build your site for you, you can always edit it yourself after the design is live.

Does my website come with a kiosk hub?

Church Base offers a dedicated hub for your kiosk centers connecting new comers to next steps, registration forms, generosity, so much more!

DIY vs. Automated Wesbites

The DIY builder is a dedicated custom website builder that features an easy to use drag and drop system. The automated website will be updated for you based on your church app you create. It is completely optimized on all devices to look and feel like a world class professional website.

Can Church Base build my website for me?

Yes, we do have options beyond our standard suite. Just ask!

Does my website come with a CMS?

Yes! Your Church Base Cloud Publisher publishes sermons and content directly to your website and app!

Does my website integrate with my app?

It does, when you publish content to your website it is published directly to your app too!