Community Management System


Community matters, that’s why our mission is to save you hours of wasted time managing data so you can focus more on growing relationships.

Coming Fall 2018

People Management

Manage your app users, donors and congregation all from one dashboard.

Synced User Data

Your app, giving and website data all sync with your ChMs seamlessly.

Volunteer System

Manage and schedule your volunteers and staff from one place.


Create and manage your services and volunteers from one dashboard.

App & Giving Integration

Community Management System will automatically sync data to and from your church app, website, giving module and so much more!

Track attendance like never before with automated GeoTracking abilities!

Events & Registration

Create and manage events that are deeply integrated into your giving and app systems.

Check In

We’re revolutionizing Check In systems to sync across your app, giving and ChMs.

Groups & Classes

Your groups and classes are integrated directly into your app for easy notification targeting.

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Premium Support

No limit assistance. We don’t charge you anything extra for great support, everyone receives unlimited help from our best and brightest.

24 hour response. We respond to any of your support needs within one business day to ensure you’re never stuck in the mud.

We understand you. Our team is full of church volunteers and ministry partners who know what you’re going through and what you need to succeed.

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