Dear Pastor,

We are excited to announce a strategic change in ownership of Church Base, your 4-in-1 church app platform! 

At Church Base we’ve always encouraged our team to remember that it’s “People over Profits”, and with the recent challenges of COVID’s impact on the global church, we’ve chosen to make Church Base a force-multiplier in non-profit ministry work and world missions. 

Our new owner will be International Scripture Ministries, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization lead by a world-class team that’s uniquely focused on delivering unhindered access to the Bible and its teachings so that every person in the world can know Christ! 

The President of ISM, Troy Carl, brings 35 years of experience as a visionary leader, technology executive, and even pastor. Troy and his team have a proven track record of leveraging cutting-edge technologies and building dynamic partnerships including a vast and unique knowledge of international missions. 

As the former president of a telecommunications company, the vice president and director of a NASDAQ company, Troy’s experience with for-profit and nonprofit organizations make ISM the perfect fit for our future. But most of all Pastor, like you, Troy is passionate about the Bible, its power to transform people's lives, and its role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Together, we will equip pastors in rural villages and hard to reach countries with cutting-edge tools to disciple their congregations all within the Church Base platform! To learn more about Troy and ISM, connect with him on LinkedIn.

Also, in the coming weeks, we will release some unique additions to your platform including access to the Bible in over 1,000 languages empowering you to reach even more people with the gospel. 

Thank you for your continued support of Church Base and we look forward to sharing more exciting news with you in the coming months.

‘til all have heard, 

Troy Carl,

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