I’ve always set out to do things differently. When my team and I first started Church Base three years ago we built the first (and to this day the only) integrated church management system with a custom church app, website builder, ChMS (church management system), and Digital Giving suite. All of these were built natively together and inside the same dashboard. 

It spread like wildfire; churches started expecting all-in-one systems when looking for management solutions. 

Next, we gave away our ChMS completely free. No setup, no monthly charge, nothing. What followed was a whirlwind of churches demanding lower prices for a ChMS that drove down the cost of church software. 

Today, I’m ecstatic to announce that Church Base has taken yet another leap to put you back in control and save you thousands of dollars a year in subscriptions. In fact, we did just that, we ditched the subscription model all together.

The average church pays $6,819 in software subscriptions every...single...year. And for what?! Companies set you up on their software and abandon you. Now you’re left paying hundreds of dollars a month. 

Here’s a breakdown of average church software cost: (This includes the rates from over 20 different church software companies. This does not include the setup fees, which generally are to cover the cost of the initial work involved.)

  • $98.48/mo — Church Website Builder
  • $1,181.76/yr
  • $319.49/mo — Church Management System
  • $3,833.88/yr
  • $87.79/mo — Digital Giving Platform
  • $1,053.48/yr
  • $62.53/mo — Church App
  • $750.36/yr


This is how much money every year you could be putting back into ministry!

Here’s the deal, software companies are incredibly lucrative and don’t need to charge the $99 a month for an app they build and never touch again. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Church software companies make money two ways: monthly or annual subscriptions and payment processing. The cost for services are always covered in the setup fee.

Most companies don’t make enough from their donation processing to sustain themselves. In fact, the processing is merely a cherry on top since credit card companies and banks take most of the processing fee (you know, that 3% fee you pay on every donation).

Some companies force your donors to cover that fee and brag 0% processing rates...but someone’s still paying the 3% (your donor) and that company is still making profit off the fees...on top of their software subscription fee. They think they’re rebels, but we think it’s unethical and it’s about time someone did something!

Last year we aimed to remove Church Base subscriptions altogether. But we needed to make sure we could cover the cost of support and phenomenal customer service moving forward. 

After a lot of hard work we finally did it. Church Base subscriptions are gone. BYE! We did this by negotiating with card companies and banks behind the processing to supplement the cost of running the software. And by using the fees already embedded in your donation software, without increasing those fees whatsoever!

Bottom line: your church will pay $0/mo for the entire Church Base Suite (app, website, giving, and ChMS). We will only ever charge you for a service.

Welcome to the future of church software where the focus is, and will always be, helping you Reach More People. 

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