Branded Church App & Website for $0/mo.

Church Base Connection is a revolutionary new way of creating a church app and website for your church. Both share the same source code and allow you to edit one, and push to both.
✓ Publish once, publish everywhere.
✓ Fuel connection through social features.
$0/mo. No contract. Cancel anytime.

Branded Church App

✓ Sermon Videos
✓ Sermon Series
✓ Sermon Audio
✓ Sermon Notes

Church Information
✓ Times & Locations
✓ Social Accounts

✓ Event Feed
✓ Event Registration

Prayer Wall
✓ Anonymous Prayers
✓ Prayer Comments

✓ Connect live stream feed
✓ Livestream schedules
✓ Live stream countdown

✓ Forms & Payments

Push Notifications
✓ Scheduled
✓ Group Notifications
✓ Topic Subscriptions
✓ Geofencing (beta)

Social Wall
✓ User posts
✓ Comments
✓ Mini Events
✓ User post moderation
✓ Campaign Tracker
✓ Auto Sermon Post

✓ Real-Time user chat
✓ Moderation
✓ Group chat
✓ Chat room restrictions

The most advanced and easy to use custom branded church app on the market today.

✓ Sermon Center
✓ Prayer Wall
✓ Livestream
✓ Social Wall
✓ Realtime Chat
✓ Push Notifications
✓ Geofencing (beta)
+ so much more...

Automated PWA Website

Completely synced with your app. No additional setup required.
✓ Website Specific Pages
✓ Turn Pages ON/OFF App
✓ Header Banners
✓ Footer Customization
✓ Light Mode/Dark Mode


2,000+ integrations to seamlessly send your data anywhere.


Church Base got rid of pesky software subscriptions for good!
So you can put that money back into ministry.

The Entire Church Base System

+ Small One-Time Setup Fee

✓ Branded Church App
✓ Custom Church Website
✓ Digital Giving Suite
✓ Church Management System (ChMS)

No contract. Cancel anytime.

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